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How does one define perfection? An example of simplicity, though tough, durable and beautiful to look at.

Four types of folding knives namely Back lock, Slip back, Friction Folders and Liner lock are being made.

The liners are made of titanium, the blades of 12c27 Sanvic or Bohler n690 stainless steel, hardened to 58rc to ensure a cutting edge that will last.  Damacus steel is also available on request.

Handle material that is commonly used include:Synthetics such as G10, Carbon fibre Micarta and poly products.Hardwoods such as African Black wood(black Ivory), Pink ivory Tambotie and Leadwood,Animal products like Giraffe bone, Hippo, Warthog and Elephant ivory,Mother of pearl, tortoise shell,Coral, Desert Ironwood and Snake wood.