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The pinnacle of a successful hunting trip is to dress your well sought trophy with a unique custom made hunting knife and to be envied by your fellow hunting mates


Only quality stainless steels like Sanvic 12c 27, Bohler n690 and D2 are being used.. For certain knives high carbon tool steel like 5160, 1070 and o1 toolsteel are being used

Thickness of of the blade depends on the overall size of the knife so that the knife is always in the right proportion and perfectly balanced. The blades made of stainless steel are mostly hollow grinded or and is available in a satin or mirror finish. Blades made of high carbon steels are mostly flat grinded to suit the look of the knife. Every blade is hardened to approximate 58 rc for supreme edge holding abilities.

Handle Material

Handle material that is commonly used include:

Synthetics such as G10, Carbon fiber Micarta and poly products.  Hardwoods such as African Blackwood(Black Ivory), Pink ivory Tambotie and Leadwood, Animal products like Giraffe bone, Hippo, Warthog and Elephant ivory, Exotic materials like Snake woos, Desert Iron wood, Mammoth Ivory and Mother of pearl is also available on request.

Every knife is delivered in its own custom made leather sheath.